America has been unable to create a society based on fairness and opportunity for all because of Gerrymandering.

It is the scheme used by state politicians to rig elections and quench the will of the majority.

By contortionist schemes to draw state and congressional districts one single party can maintain political control regardless of their level of popular support.
The Mid Term Miracle
Yet miracles do happen and Donald Trump’s abominable unpopularity made it possible to wrestle control of the federal House of Representa#ves away from professional gerrymanderers at the state level.
But they continue in control of most state legislatures
and are already scheming to take gerrymandering to the next level of electoral dishonesty.
We Must Stop Them
The only way to stop them is to free state legislatures from their stranglehold.
We must wage a vigorous national campaign to ban gerrymandering. Support the campaign for a 


​Reagan: "It is a great conflict of interest"

These electoral districts are a mockery to democracy

obama: "Politicians choose their voters"

ban gerrymandering

 Support Federal Ban on Gerrymandering: