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     For thousands of years Native North American Indians have hunted the harp seal they needed for food, clothing and housing limiting the number to those they needed for their subsistence according to the Laws of Nature.
     Some three hundred years ago hunters of European extraction started the commercial exploitation of seal pelts. The hunt ceased to be one justified by the need for subsistence of the human being but one of wholesale massacre of mammals to satisfy the ostentatious behavior of customers that wanted to wear the spotless elegance of whitecoat furs.
     It did not matter if the fur is white for only the first two weeks of the newborn. They were clobbered to death nonetheless.
     Once a year mother harp seals gather in large groups to give birth to their pups. When they do, "fishermen" drive to them in trucks and snowmobiles
and smash the baby's heads with a bat that has a hook on its tip. Dead or not, they insert the hook in their mouths and drag them to the boat or a gathering place to skin them, very often while still alive. 

Stop the massacre

    Eventually the European Union banned the commercialization of all seal pelts in 2010 but it has not stopped the activitivy for good due to legal actions. Our goal is to prevent them from being successful in their quest to continue the massacre.
     These creatures are not killed for food or any product appart from the beauty of their furs. They are killed to feed the ostentatiousness of mindless consumers and the greed of a handful of boat captains who keep 50% of the income derived from the pelts.
     We do not need to kill harmless creatures that we do not need to kill to survive. SIGN THE PETITION

 Over 200,000 slaughtered every year

    As the hunt progresses boats start arriving in the waters of Labrador and New Foundland, very often with the assistance of Canadian icebreakers, and they start shooting at the head in order not to stain the pelt. Quotas established by the Canadian government make it possible for over 200,000 seals, the vast majority of them within a few weeks to a few monts old, to be killed and skinned. Some of the wounded seals manage to escape diving into the water and most probably drown but their furs are not counted toward the quota.
     It became very fashionable to wear elegant white furs until a growing number of citizens headed by media celebrities, started denouncing the way these adorable mammals were beaten and skinned, often alive, and left to rut in the snow. The uproar went in crecendo until the European Union banned the commercialization of whitecoats. The massacre dwindeled almost to a halt until the Canadian government started subsidizing the killing machine. They reentered the activity with a vengeance using a loophole in the European law that prohibited the killing of whitecoats. Hunters just waited for the pups to shed their white fur, which they do after two weeks of birth, and killed them then.


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