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​The philosophical and operational principles of Aware Citizen business model is one where social and environmental responsibility are paramount.  Aware Citizens proclaims that business activities and technology can and should be used for the benefit of our citizens and humankind as a whole. Aware Citizens strives to get involved in issues that affect our citizens and sponsors different programs as a way to serve all citizens.​

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The user agrees that, though the information and strategies contained in the information included in this site or distributed by it strives to be  effective, the fact that Aware Citizens does not control all elements involved in an isssue, Aware Citizens cannot warranty results and shall be held harmless for the use of these strategies or participation on campaigns. The user agrees that it is under that condition that the Aware Citizens activities are conducted a user's participation in any activity is the user's sole responsibility. All intellectual and physical materials are provided "as is" and there is no express or implied warranty as to their correctness, reliability, merchantability or fitness for any particular application nor about the results they might produce, nor is there any warranty of continuous or error-free operation or that the site or server may be affected by a virus or may cease to operate for an undefined period of time. The user is responsible for any remedy that might be deemed necessary. You agree that any claim made by you, for any reason, shall not exceed the amount paid by you if payment was involved.

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The user is aware that by registering to participate in any activity offered on this site a lifetime membership in Aware Citizens is automatically registered in his name which he may renounce by simply following the instructions on the Aware Citizens site. Membership in Aware Citizens allows access to products and services provided to its members by Aware Citizens, its subsidiaries, partners and affiliates, each under its own terms and conditions, and by advertisers over which Aware Citizens, its subsidiaries and affiliates, assume no responsibility. It is therefore understood that the user may receive periodic communications regarding these entities.

It is further understood that AWARE CITIZENS will promote campaigns over issues that are of importnace to the general public and provide the mechanisms for its members to express their opinions and to promote petitions. In those instances it is understood that to be included as a supporter of an issue, a campaign, a petition or similar expressions, the member shall have provided his consent via electronic registration or signature, written or electronic. 

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